Question: Will an older television (from 1989) work with an HDTV converter box?

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YES, definitely. That's what external HDTV tuners were made for.

BUT the picture won't be true HDTV resolution. You may want to save your money and invest in a new HDTV with a built in tuner.

If you do get an external HDTV tuner and attach it to your old-fashioned television, here are some of the benefits you'll get:

1. Ability to receive HDTV broadcasts, which is now the national standard (traditional analog broadcasting for the most part doesn't exist anymore). Note you'll receive the broadcasts, but you won't be able to see the greater details of HDTV broadcasts unless you actually have an HDTV.

2. Ability to receive stereo and surround sound broadcasts. The picture quality on your old television won't be as sharp as HDTV, but if you hook up your external HDTV receiver to your stereo system or surround sound system then you'll have the full quality sound of modern HDTV broadcasts.

3. Clear, noise-free reception. Although you'll be watching on an old-fashioned television, the picture will not have ghosting or static noise like old-fashioned broadcast television had. This is due to the way digital broadcasting works, with its ability to self-correct for errors.
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