Question: What was happening in Europe during biblical times?

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Europe during the Biblical time period can be divided into 4 zones:

[GRE] = Greece
[ROM] = Rome (Italy)
[WEB] = Western Europe: the British Isles, France, and Spain
[GER] = Germany and Scandinavia

We'll also include a fifth "Biblical" zone like this:

[BIB] = Biblical reference point

Here is what happened in each zone during biblical times:


1500 BC:

[GRE] = Minoan culture on Crete; later, Mycenean culture in Greece and Crete
[ROM] = various tribes
[WEB] = tribes
[GER] = tribes
[BIB] = Exodus

1000 BC:

[GRE] = Greek Mycenean society has collapsed (Greek dark ages)
[ROM] = tribes
[WEB] = Celtic/druidic culture
[GER] = tribes
[BIB] = David and Solomon

700 BC - 350 BC:

[GRE] = rebirth and greatness of Greek society
[ROM] = Etruscan and early Roman society
[WEB] = Celtic/druidic culture
[GER] = tribes
[BIB] = Hebrews conquered by Assyria and Babylonia

350 BC - 200 BC:

[GRE] = Greek dominance; Alexander the Great conquers Middle East and Egypt
[ROM] = Rome getting stronger
[WEB] = Celtic/druidic culture
[GER] = tribes
[BIB] = Hebrews under Greek domination

200 BC - 50 BC:

[GRE] = Greece conquered by Rome
[ROM] = Rome becomes dominant
[WEB] = Julius Caesar destroys the Celts and druids
[GER] = tribes
[BIB] = Hasmonean dynasty


50 BC - 100 AD:

[GRE] = Greece part of Roman Empire
[ROM] = Rome becomes an empire ruled by insane emperors; Rome controls all of the Mediterranean region and western Europe and British Isles
[WEB] = Western Europe, including British Isles, mostly under Roman control
[GER] = tribes; German and Scandinavian culture still tribal and is never conquered by Rome
[BIB] = Jesus lives and dies; apostles spread gospel
by Southern Gent
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