Question: Did the USA really land a man on the moon in 1969?

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The moon landings DEFINITELY happened.

Here's the simple reason why: Coordinating such a large hoax would require the absolute cooperation and secrecy of EVERY participant (hundreds of people at a minimum).

So you think it was faked on a soundstage? Who constructed that soundstage? Who did the filming? Who did the special effects? All of those people maintained secrecy? All of them? Really?? How about the Congressmen handing out the money? The businesses supposedly building the parts? The NASA administrators? Every person at the administrative level was in on the hoax?

When in the history of the United States have secrets been kept for long?

Here are some things that needed to be faked:

1. Massive rocket launch witnessed by thousands. Actually, the rocket can be real, it just doesn't have to go to the moon. But still, it takes a huge effort to build that rocket. If you've gone that far in the hoax, why not just build the rocket so it can go all the way to the moon. The technology, after all, could be useful to the military (for ICBM's).

2. Pictures from outer space: rocket stages being dumped (back towards the Earth), pictures of the Earth from the moon, pictures from the moon's surface, astronauts floating in zero gravity, etc.

3. Radio transmissions from the moon that amateur radio operators picked up during the missions. These have to come from the moon, or else you have to believe all the amateurs were part of the conspiracy.

4. Objects left on the moon, including mirrors that are used to this day in experiments conducted from Earth.

5. Deaths of 3 astronauts in a cockpit fire. I guess they must to die to maintain the hoax; but then you need lots of cold-blooded administrators willing to order and carry out their deaths.

6. Complete silence and cooperation of at least 24 astronauts that flew to the moon. These men were often war heroes or Ph.D. scientists. All would have to choose to cooperate. Note that at least one famous astronaut (Gordon Cooper) has spoken openly about filming an alien craft landing at Edwards AFB, but none has ever spoken about a "moon landing hoax."

For those who claim the moon landings were "filmed on a soundstage": have you ever seen Hollywood movies made in the 1960's? Are the special effects anywhere near the quality apparent in the moon landings? So you think there was an elite team of special effects people that were far in advance of Hollywood at that time? What happened to those people? Did they also keep silent? Did they never use their expertise in Hollywood?

And about those supposed "errors" in the moon photos. Do you really think such an incredible, elaborate hoax was perpetrated but that the people behind it slipped up on the simplest details, like maintaining a consistent lighting direction in their fake photos?

Ultimately, the U.S. government isn't competent enough to lie on such a scale.
by fantom
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