Question: Is the character Legolas from "The Lord of the Rings" gay?

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It is highly unlikely Tolkien would have intended any of his characters to be gay. Here are some reasons we know this:

1. Homosexuality was officially illegal in Britain at the time of writing "The Lord of the Rings" (LotR). Up until 1861, homosexual acts could be punished by death and only in 1967 did homosexual acts become legal (with limitations).

2. Public attitudes towards homosexuality in Britain during the time period that LotR was written (1937-1949) would have made it that much harder for Tolkien to get LotR published, might have gotten him fired from his professorship at Oxford, and might have gotten him in serious legal trouble for creating obscene works (consider the legal troubles that William S. Burroughs faced for "Naked Lunch" around 1960). As it was, Tolkien had a very difficult time getting LotR published anyway.

3. Tolkien was a "born again" Catholic, and homosexuality was strongly frowned upon under official Catholic doctrine. Tolkien's "world view" was generally conservative (my opinion).

4. LotR was originally envisioned as a children's book like "The Hobbit." This makes it extra unlikely that Tolkien would have intended a gay character for this work; the social and legal backlash would have been tremendous in the time period.

5. Tolkien was not himself gay. While this does not preclude him from creating a gay character, it's less likely.

6. The elven characters in LotR are generally slender, unmuscular, culturally refined, delicate, and effeminate. If these characteristics were only present in the character of Legolas then we might consider them as suggesting Legolas is gay. But since these characteristics are universal to male elves, they don't tell us anything about Legolas in particular.

7. Many male characters in LotR behave in a manner that might suggest homosexuality to modern readers. For instance, the close relationship between Frodo and Sam. These relationships sometimes include expressions of "love" for each other, but in the time period such word use would have simply meant a very deep friendship or attachment. Male characters are also seen to "cry" in each others presence, to be deeply moved by beautiful sights, or to enjoy singing and performing music or dancing. Any of these characteristics to modern readers might suggest effeminate or homosexual qualities in the characters. There is also a distinct lack of female characters and male-female relationships in the books. Taken together, you would have to conclude that either most of the male characters are gay or none of them are.
by Maus
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I really liked the mvoies but theres nothing better than the bokk of something they take stuff out for the mvoies that the books have (of course) and think about this move only ppl why would they make a movie out of it if the book wasn't great? (srry for venting there are just so many ppl who would rather watch a movie of sumthin instead of reading the book sum have the lame excuse well it might not be as good as the movie and I dont want to waste my time )
by anonymous
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yes yes yes yes
for aragorn
by anonymous
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Up to you and your interpretation of the character.
by anonymous
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