Question: How can I copyright a cloth doll sewing pattern in the UK?

I've been creating these patterns for years but now I think I should copyright them.
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The United Kingdom, and pretty much all of the developed world, follows the Berne Convention on copyright. A decent place to learn about the convention is the site http://www.copyrightservi rne_convention (although be aware that the site is ultimately trying to sell you a service you probably don't need; nonetheless, they have a lot of information and it's well organized and tailored to the UK).

Here's a simple summary:

(1) Everything you create is implicitly copyrighted to you. This includes everything you write (such as postings on an internet message board), every photograph you take, etc..

(2) However, it helps to make your copyright claims clear.

(3) On your patterns, place the following in an easily-visible manner:

Copyright © 2011 Jane Doe

Notice the "c in a circle." That is important; don't try to approximate it with something like (C). The year should be the year you publish the item. The name "Jane Doe" should be replaced with your name.

(4) In addition, you should keep documentary evidence about the development of your ideas (rough drafts with dates written on them, early prototypes and photographs thereof, etc.). These documentation can help convince a court that you originated the things you're claiming copyright on instead of copying them from someone else.
by Mrs JW
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