Question: Can I move in with my grandparents without going to court?

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It sounds like the question here is whether or not the school system near your grandparent's house would allow you to be a student if they believed you were living with your grandparents.

My guess is that they would, but this is purely a guess. I suppose you should ask that particular school district or just attempt to register there.

For example, if you were in the custody of your mother but she took a job in Europe and left you in the U.S. to live with your grandparents, there would be no question that you could register at the school district nearest your grandparent's house. Kids in the U.S. that are under 16 MUST go to school by law.

It's also not unheard of today for kids to be living with their grandparents even if a parent still has custody because the grandparents may have a better or safer place to live or may have more time to spend with the child. I would think that school systems are familiar with such situations.

A wealthy school district might be suspicious that a family was trying to enroll their child into the district without actually paying full taxes for the school system. But in such a case, I would think your grandparents were paying property taxes and so would be entitled to have a child in the local school system.

I don't know why you think the courts would need to get involved unless your situation is one of child custody. For example, if your father has shared custody of you with your mother and he doesn't want you to move far away then you would need the court's permission --- and they would not give it against your father's will; the courts would have to first strip him of custody rights.

This is purely speculation on my part. Check with the school district near your grandparents and also make certain your grandparents agree to this move. Your grandparents would have to be absolutely certain about what they are getting into by taking in a teenager.
by Mrs JW
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