Question: What railways served Huntingdonshire in the early 1900's?

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The middle of the county was traversed from south to north by the Great Northern railway, which entered it at St Neots and passing by Huntingdon left it at Peterborough. A branch line running eastward to Ramsey was given off at Holme junction, midway between Huntingdon and Peterborough. From Huntingdon branch lines of the Midland and the Great Eastern ran respectively west and east to Thrapston and to Cambridge via St Ives. From St Ives Great Eastern lines also ran N.E. to Ely via Earith Bridges on the county border, and N. to Wisbech with a branch line westward from Somersham to Ramsey. The north-western border was served by the Great Northern and the London and North-Western railways between Peterborough and Wansford, where they parted.
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