Frequently asked questions

Hi, I'm new here. Where do I start?

Well, you should look over this FAQ to get an idea about how works and what its philosophy is. You should also read and understand the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

After that, you should create an account. Creating an account is instant and you can delete it at any time in the future. Everything is free.

If you just want to ask a question, you can do that anonymously without an account. However, you won't be able to automatically delete or modify an anonymous question since there's no way to verify your identity.

If you want to answer questions then you'll need an account. If you want to participate in revenue sharing, then you'll also need an AdSense account.

So I answer people's questions and make money?

It might be better to say that you provide information and perspective and make money. Your goal isn't so much to answer any one person's question as it is to provide useful information to the hundreds of people who might eventually read your writing.

The "make money" part comes from the display of ads that are linked to your Google AdSense account. Your AdSense account can earn money if someone is interested enough in an ad that they click on it to learn more. This is all handled by Google and AdSense and has nothing to do with us; we are not affiliated with Google in any way.

To take part in this "revenue sharing" you will need to have an AdSense account (learn more).

How much can I make?

It's impossible to say. How much you can earn depends on how many people see your ads ("your ads" means ads linked to your AdSense account), which depends both on how many visitors the site gets and how many times our system shows your ads. In general, the more high-quality answers you provide the more often your ads will be displayed.

Why should I use rather than some other revenue sharing Q&A site?

We believe we offer the best terms (like 85% revenue sharing) and the best user experience. Our focus is on high quality answers. If you'd like to be part of a community of people that write well and post good answers to people's questions, then this is the place.

Our emphasis on quality means that those users who answer questions the best (called "Star posters ") earn significantly more ad displays than other users. Furthermore, Star posters share in a pool of ad displays which both fosters a sense of community spirit ("we're all in this together") and provides a more steady revenue potential.

Other advantages include our extremely streamlined user experience designed to make pages load quickly and require minimal bandwidth. There's also the potential for "microblogging", providing a way for you to write about almost any topic that you think other people might be interested in.

Our philosophy is benevolent and aimed at fostering the general good. This is indicated by the high percentage of revenue sharing we offer, our emphasis on your ownership of your writing (some sites try to use legal trickery to take control of your writing away from you), and our belief in passive income (some sites reduce the revenue potential of inactive users, further abusing their user base). In fact, it was the bad practices of other sites (along with social movements like "Occupy Wall Street") that inspired us to start this site!

What are "ad displays"?

An "ad display" is when your AdSense publisher ID is attached to an ad that is shown on the site. If someone clicks on an ad that contains your AdSense publisher ID then you stand to earn money (reminder: do not click on your own ads for this is "click fraud" and Google will close your AdSense account).

The determination of who's AdSense publisher ID is used with the ads on a page is determined through a raffle system. Every time the page is displayed, a new raffle is held. Some things that affect your chance of winning the raffle for a particular ad are (1) your user level, (2) the number of kudos your answers on that page have received, and (3) the number of kudos awarded to all of your answers overall.

On pages where users have posted answers, 85% of the ads shown are linked to the AdSense accounts of users.

What does "85% revenue sharing" mean?

It means that on pages showing user-posted questions and answers to questions, 85% of all ads shown are linked to AdSense accounts belonging to users of the site. In general, users that supply a larger number of higher quality answers will receive a larger portion of this 85%.

We may increase or decrease the revenue sharing ratio in the future.

Do I need an AdSense account?

If you want to participate in revenue sharing on then you will need an AdSense account. This is the only method of revenue sharing that we are currently using.

You can still post answers and questions without an AdSense account, but obviously none of the ads displayed will be associated with your AdSense account if you don't have one.

How do I get an AdSense account?

The primary way is by visiting and following their instructions.

Several revenue sharing websites offer a streamlined approach to acquiring an AdSense account. is one such site. You can create a account and then post some answers on that site. If your answers are sufficient (perhaps 10 good-quality answers) then your AdSense account will be established. At that point, you can use your AdSense publisher ID with any revenue sharing website including You can always move whatever answers you posted at over to this website (read this) at a later time. Why move to this site? We believe we offer much better terms (85% revenue sharing, no time limits, kudos system rather than best answers, pooling for Star posters, etc.) and a better user experience than

I just got my AdSense account. What now? How do I associate my AdSense account with my account?

Congratulations! Now you need to enter your AdSense publisher ID into your account data. Login to, click Settings, and enter your AdSense publisher ID in the correct box. Done!

When you've entered a number that seems correct to the system, you'll see a message like "You are responsible for verifying the correctness of your AdSense publisher ID!" under your AdSense publisher ID. It's true-- we have no way of verifying that you've entered the correct code so double check your work. Over time, if you've given us the right code, you'll notice your page views from going up in your AdSense account.

Important: Some users of AdSense have enabled a safety feature that restricts which sites may show their ads. If you have this option enabled then you will need to add to the list of sites that are allowed to show ads on your behalf. For most AdSense users this is not a problem since most users have this feature disabled. Learn more here.

I need more specific instructions for associating my AdSense account with my account. In particular, how do I find my AdSense publisher ID?

Step 1. Locate your AdSense publisher ID. For example, login to your AdSense account at (note: you may need to login to your gmail account first). Once logged into your AdSense account, in the upper right corner you'll see "Publisher ID: pub-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" except the x's will be numbers. This is your AdSense publisher ID. Alternatively, click the "Home" tab and look under "Account settings" for your AdSense publisher ID.

Step 2. Log in to your account. In the upper right corner is a link called "Settings". Click that link.

Step 3. Here you can set or change many aspects of your account (like your username or email address). Locate the box labeled "AdSense code". Enter your AdSense publisher ID into that box. You don't need to enter the "pub-" part.

Can this site help me get an AdSense account? has no affiliation with Google and cannot help you gain an AdSense account.

I lost my AdSense account. What can I do?

Unfortunately, we can't help you with that. AdSense is a service of Google and we have no affiliation with Google. You'll have to contact Google if you're having problems with AdSense.

Are there other revenue sharing options than AdSense?

Currently, no.

I tried to create an Asketc account but it won't let me log on.

Perhaps you forgot or mistyped your password. Go to and provide either your username or the email address you gave when registering. An email will be sent to the email address you gave when registering telling you how to reset your password.

Only users from certain countries are allowed to create accounts (see the Terms of Service). It's possible you're not in one of the allowed countries.

What are kudos?

"Kudos" is a Greek term that means "congratulations." At, the most advanced users (called "Star posters") are allowed to distribute kudos to other user's answers. The purpose is to identify and reward particularly good answers or otherwise exceptional effort. Receiving kudos is the best way to increase your earnings potential.

What are the guidelines for awarding kudos to other users?

You will only be able to give kudos when you become a Star poster. Star posters are allocated a small number of kudos to distribute. As you post more high-quality answers, you will get more kudos to distribute. You cannot award kudos to your own answers and there is a limit to how many kudos you are able to give to any one user (this encourages a good distribution). Kudos must be given only to exceptional answers. If you are caught awarding kudos to bad answers your account may be deleted or your "Star poster" status may be revoked.

What user levels are there? What is my user level?

Your user level is displayed with your account information. Just login and in the upper right corner click on your username.

There are currently three user levels: Wannabe, Average, and Star. Every new user starts as a Wannabe ("want to be"). If your answers are competently written and you show commitment to the site, then your status will rise to Average. The very best answerers will rise to Star status.

What's special about being a Star poster?

When you become a Star poster your earnings potential rises greatly. Most importantly, you share in a pool of ad displays with all the other Star posters. This means you will get ad displays even on questions for which you did not provide an answer.

You will also have the following responsibilities to go with your increased ad displays:

  • All of your answers are expected to be high quality. If the quality of your answers goes down after gaining Star status then your level will probably get reduced back to average.
  • You get to award kudos to exceptional answers. In this way, you share in the responsibility of maintaining Asketc's quality standards.
  • You are allowed to report answers that are in violation of the rules.
  • You are expected to help the site thrive because it affects the earnings potential of all Star posters. That is, you should see yourself as part of a community of people working together to create great answers.
Do all answers have to be long?

No. Sometimes a short answer is best.

But can I get kudos for short answers?

If an answer doesn't take exceptional effort then it's probably not worth a kudos. If you're a "Star poster" then you are expected to answer questions anyway, even short ones (remember, we're all in this together). That's where the "pooling" system comes in: As a Star poster, you have the potential to share in ad displays on all pages, even those with short answers. That means if you and your fellow Star posters are regularly answering short questions, then every Star poster will receive more ad displays overall (assuming the general public is interested in seeing your short answers).

If you're not yet a Star poster, then answering short questions correctly can help you get recognized for Star poster status.

Finally, answering any question earns some points for your account which also affects your share of the overall pool of ad displays.

In general, if you know the answer to a question, even if it's a short answer, just go ahead and answer it. It won't take much time and it's good for the overall community and health of the site.

What does "passive income" mean?

It means income you receive even when you aren't actively participating in this site. For example, you might post a lot of answers to while you are away from school. When you return to school, you may stop actively participating in this site. Nonetheless, your posts remain (unless you delete them or violate the rules) and ads will continue to be displayed using your AdSense publisher ID. There are no penalties for inactivity, and there is no expiration date for your posts. As long as is up and running, your posts will be available to whoever wants to see them.

Note that some competing revenue-sharing websites have a time limit on your writing after which you will no longer receive ad displays. has no such time limits.

What if I stop contributing? What happens to my answers and other posts? Will my earnings potential change?

Your posts will remain as long as is running or until you delete them. (Note that if you violate the Terms of Service at then your account might be closed and your posts deleted, too.) There is no penalty for inactivity so the earnings potential of each post you make remains the same as long as is operational.

But if a user becomes inactive, is it fair that they should continue to share in the ad displays?

Yes! They did the work creating their answers and if people are interested in reading their answers years from now then the inactive user should continue to share in the ad displays for their answers.

However, when a user becomes inactive while other users continue to post answers, the inactive user's contribution to the site grows smaller over time relative to the contribution of users who continue to post answers. Thus an inactive user will probably find their ad display numbers and earnings potential dropping over time.

I've decided I don't want to participate in the site any more and I want my answers removed. Is this possible and how do I do it?

You can delete any of your posts at any time. You can close your account at any time and all of your posts will be deleted.

I've decided I want to move some or all of my answers to another web site. Is this allowed and how do I do it?

Certainly! You own your writing and are free to do with it as you wish. Be certain to delete your post from Asketc before moving it to another site or publishing it elsewhere. You can delete an individual post or delete all your posts and close your account in one step.

I'd like a picture avatar to show next to my posts. Is that an option?

Currently, no. Partially this is to save bandwidth (that is, make pages load faster). Partially it's an aesthetic decision. Partially it has to do with the "community ethic" of the website. It's the answers that matter to readers of this website and not so much who wrote them. Ideally, all answers on this site are supposed to be of high quality so attaching individualized icons to answers isn't necessary. Your user name is still associated with your answers, which should satisfy all your "answer groupies"!

Someone posted an answer to my question and I want them to clarify or expand their answer. How can I ask them to do this?

Most questions are posted anonymously so there would be no way for us to know whether the original question-asker was trying to ask a follow up question or not. You be best off asking your question again but in a different manner that clarifies your concerns.

If you are an account holder, then you could ask for more clarification by posting an "answer" to your own question. This new post would not actually be an answer but merely a follow-up question.

What is "microblogging?"

"Microblogging" is for when you want to write about a topic but don't have enough material for a full fledged blog. For example, an expert on cars might maintain a blog about all the latest models of cars. You, on the other hand, may just want to share your experiences with one particular model of car you happen to own. This is a perfect subject for microblogging.

How can I use for microblogging?

Here's an example. You recently took a trip to the island of Kauaii and want to share your experience with the world. To microblog this, you would first post a question anonymously to such as, "What are some interesting things to do in Kauaii, Hawaii?" Next, you would log in to your account and answer your own question. Because of the way Asketc works, other people could then post their own experiences and comments to your question. If in the future you decide to move your writing to a different location on the internet (such as a full blog), you can always delete your answer.

In the past, I have posted material on other sites (such as other Q&A sites) that might work here. Can I post that material here?

Yes, but only if you remove it from wherever you originally posted it! It's a violation of the Terms of Service to post duplicate material on this site.

What will happen if I post duplicate material on this site?

If we become aware of you posting material on this site that appears on other sites then your account may be deleted without warning or your user level may be lowered.

How do I become a "Star poster?"

The key is quality. If we notice you posting writing of high quality then your level will be upgraded to "Star poster" and your earnings potential will be greatly increased. One way we notice good posters is if they receive a lot of kudos.

How do I delete my account?

Login, click "Settings" in the upper right corner of the screen, and locate the "Delete Account" section. Click on the link and then provide the requested information. This action will delete all of your posts and cannot be undone. Make certain you have backup versions of all your writing before deleting your account.

How do I delete a single post?

Login and visit the page that contains the desired post. Beneath the post you will see a green link that says "Hide". Click on this link. Your post will now appear gray to you and will no longer be shown to other users of the site except administrators. After awhile your hidden post will be removed permanently.

Before your hidden post becomes deleted, you can change your mind and un-hide the post (just click on the green "Un-hide" link). Unhiding the post will make it visible to everyone again and the post will no longer get deleted. This feature gives you some time to change your mind about deleting a post and helps prevent accidental deletions.

How do I easily delete all of my posts?

You do this by deleting your account. See "How do I delete my account? ".

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