Privacy Policy

(Effective February 3, 2011.)

We are strong believers in the right to privacy and anonymity.

This privacy policy has been prepared to help you better understand how we collect and use information related to our users. By accessing our website you are consenting to the practices described in this privacy policy. We may update this privacy policy at our discretion; the updated privacy policy will appear on our website.

What information we collect and how we use it

The following information is provided knowingly by you:

Email address: When you register for an account with us, we ask for an email address. The email address is used to provide you with better service. For example, if you forget your password then a message can be sent to your email address that enables you to access your account again. If you post a question on the website, you can be notified by email when someone responds to your question. We also ask for an email address to help thwart automated use of our website by detrimental elements such as "spammers." When you pose a question anonymously (without being logged in), you may optionally supply an email address which then gets stored in our database along with the question. This email address is used to notify you whenever a new response to your question is posted.

Advertising codes: Account holders have the option of supplying us with codes such as an "AdSense publisher ID" to be used in conjunction with revenue sharing. If a user chooses to participate in this feature of the website, it is entirely the user's responsibility to supply the correct codes. Such codes do not contain personal information; for example, the AdSense publisher ID is simply a number. We will display a user's advertising code occasionally on certain pages along with a short set of computer instructions that initiate a process whereby a third party advertiser places an advertisement on the page. We have no control over how the third party advertiser uses your advertising code.

Additional profile information: Account holders have the option of including other information in their account profile; for example, in the "About" field. Supplying such information is entirely optional and the fields can be left blank.

Email correspondence: If you send email to us then we may store, at our discretion, any email addresses that came with the message (including the originating or "from" address), the contents of the message, any other information that came with the email, and our response.

The following information is automatically collected:

Cookies: We may use cookies (see "Cookies" below) to provide you with better service, for example, by storing your preferences or your logged-in state. Third party advertisers may use cookies. We have no control over how third parties use cookies. If you are uncomfortable with cookies, you may instruct your browser not to accept cookies from our site or to delete cookies that it has already accepted. Some aspects of the website will not operate without cookies enabled.

Logs: When you interact with the website through a browser or other client, certain information is automatically recorded and stored in logs. This information may include your Internet Protocol (IP) address, the date and time, information about your client, requests made to our service, and responses made by our service. We may periodically delete such logs to save space.

Database logging: Certain interactions with the website will cause some or all of the following information to be recorded in our database: the IP address with which the interaction occurred, the date and time of the interaction, and the identifier of the cookie (if any) associated with the interaction.


In the context of internet browsing, a "cookie" is a small text document used to store small amounts of information relating to a user's interaction with a website. Often a cookie will contain an anonymous but unique identifier. When a website sends a cookie to a browser, the browser may or may not choose to accept it depending on the browser's settings. If the browser accepts it, the cookie gets stored on the user's computer in an area designated for cookies. A website may only retrieve information from cookies that it has sent to your computer and not from cookies sent by other websites. As an example, a cookie might be used to remember an option that a user has selected while visiting a website so that the user does not need to reselect that option during future visits.

Disclosure of personal information
We may disclose personal information to third parties if you have authorized such disclosure or if we are required or authorized to do so by law.
Hyperlinks and third party websites

This privacy policy applies only to our website ( Our website and the user generated posts displayed on our website may contain hyperlinks to third-party websites. Such hyperlinks are displayed solely for your reference and convenience. We have no control over third-party websites. If you use a hyperlink to reach a third-party website or visit a third-party website by other means then the rules and privacy policy of the third-party website apply and not our privacy policy. It is possible that a third-party website will collect server log information from your visit, use cookies or place other files on your computer, request personal information from you, or collect other information about you.

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