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The case in question involved an arrest for "battery on a law enforcement officer."
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If I have copyright on an image, for instance, and then I create a derivative image can I somehow get into legal trouble (as would be the case if I made a derivative image of someone else's copyrighted work)? I expect that the answer is no.
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told me cause i didnt know why at night i hear him crying drinking heavy at home and than he told me why so as a mother would like to know what we can do so no more are....ty
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I want to relocate to another state and I'm not planning on discussing it with my daughter's father. His name is on her birth certificate but we were never married. He never obtained visitation rights. Will he be able to stop me or will I have other legal problems from this?
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I've been creating these patterns for years but now I think I should copyright them.
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